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"All don't know your self-confidence from where comes."River Yan is a bit purple to helplessly say.She at a stretch analyzed so many things and originally thought that he will hard get up.Can this guy still keep being the appearance of hippies smiling face, seem to also is careless of a sort to the next game little bit.
When 2 people positive low voice talked, Lin Bao Er suddenly ran to come over and sat at the leaf autumn nearby.The arm that without extra trouble hugs him smiles happily ground to say:"The autumn of the leaf, hears that you get into big before the match three?"
"Yes.Who tell yours?"The leaf autumn point nods.Took aim 1 turn, have never discovered Lin Cang Lan ground figure.Isn't what her elder brother tells her this news?
"The owners all know."The naturally ground of Lin Bao Er says."To, why don't you take down first?"
"There is still no finals."The autumn of the leaf depressedly says.
"."Lin Bao Er understands head in the location."That waits the time of finals and take down first again good."
River Yan is a bit purple to have no language ground to see one eye in front this to some wide of the mark men and women, wished, you thought this special kind soldier than is the martial big match to have fun to play house, with literally and then give° the first to take down?
Had a meal a towel to wipe to wipe a mouth.Say:"You chat, I eat."
"Elder sister, sorry.Do I bother you to have a meal?"Lin Bao Er sees he or she come to river Yan purple walk, say with sorry and ashamed look."Want to be not, I don't talk.You continue to have a meal not very good?"
River Yan is purple to touch Lin Bao Er's head, lightly say with a smile:"I really eat.You chat with him."
The autumn of the leaf looking at purple background of river Yan stagnant along while.
Good heavens, river Yan was purple to unexpectedly smile.
Lin Bao Er obviously doesn't know that he or she is just what honor, see a leaf for autumn just and the other women sit to together drink a red wine.In the mind some smallly feeling of jealousy.Hum, then can somebody else's lovers alone and together drink.Returning to must to Mo the thick elder sister and Tang Tang's elder sister sue in court.
Think like this.Lin Bao Er also ran to pour a half cup red wine to come over and touch to touch a cup and say with leaf autumn:"Come.Is happy today, we do one cup."
The autumn of the leaf which dare to make her drink so many, hurriedly will she the red wine in the cup pour she inside in the cup half, this just passes to her and says:"For the sake of what does the matter toast?"
"For the sake of----H'm, soon will make a contract to get married for the sake of us."Lin Bao Er says, the one breath did red that lesser half cup red wine.She is afraid that she doesn't drink up again.Foolish meeting son leaf the autumn want to pour to walk her wine in the cup again.
After finishing drinking want to pour wine again.But drive leaf autumn a to pull.
"Good.We say good.Can not drink again."The autumn of the leaf says.
See a leaf for autumn the meaning of hand without loosenning, Lin Bao Er also has to injustice ground to let go of cup.Say:"In fact, I can also drink."
In fact.The Lin Bao Er spoilt daughter of a rich family feels that his/her own capacity for liquor is fierce.And, the wine article is also very good.Leaf autumn ground the behavior is really some much ado about nothings.
Certainly, all alcoholics think so.
"I know."The autumn of the leaf nods.After finishing drinking will do one some let people can not anticipate a ground of matter is just.
"Calculate.Don't drink or not.See your eyebrows wrinkly of, with old headman.The autumn of the leaf, I can tell you, if I marry you, you can to I good.Forbid to knit the brows to me, forbid to scold me, forbid more to beat me----I am very afraid painful.Still have, I want of thing you must accomplish for me.The thing that I want but have never thought you also want to seek for me come------"
The autumn of the leaf interrupts a positive strength son bye wear Lin Bao Er of the finger establishment home rules, remind that she says:"I have never said to marry you.We that is just contract get married."
"That is to get married.Do we all want to live together."Lin Bao Er not and with willingness says.Then again bye wear the finger number opened.The kid of this wretchedness is too deeply persecuted by Korean soap opera,
"We can live separately."The autumn of the leaf says.
"Live separately?"Lin Bao Er ground the head shake ground heel wave drum ground, say:"Do not go.If make the grandpa know, that made me marry that guy.Will never go.Anyway I can't live separately with you of, you walk where I with arrive where.I am you ground person, don't you ever think don't I."

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